TR5A-10 NGK Spark plug

TR5A-10 NGK Spark plug
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NGK Spark plug Part number TR5A-10


NGK Spark plugs are constructed with ribs to eliminate flashover. The new ceramic insulator provides better heat dissipation, higher electrical insulation and greater resistance against thermal shock. Also more gaskets and special powder sealing prevent gas leakage and provides a uniform heat range. 5k ohm ceramic resistance protects the electrical devices in the vehicle, such as the radio, phone and the engine managment system. With the copper electrode deeply inserted inside the nickel tip it vastly improves heat dissipation and prevent dangerous overheating. Finally the thick, anti-corrosive nickel alloy tip resists overheating and extends the life of the spark plug.


If you are unsure of the NGK part number you require please click here to take you to the on line NGK spark plug application guide. This on line guide also offers a cross reference guide from both engine and spark plug manufacturers.


Always set the spark plug to the engine manufacturer's specified gap setting. A gap that is too small means that the spark duration will be very quick and the spark will be thin and weak. The consequences of this may be bad starting and high exhaust emission levels. This will result in an increase in fuel consumption. If the gap is set too large, the ignition system will not be able to cope with the demands and a misfire situation will occur. Some wide gap spark plugs have a longer ground electrode to accommodate a wide gap setting. These must be used where specified, as opening up a standard plug to a wider gap setting may result in the electrodes not running parallel to each other. This could result in abnormal and premature electrode wear.


Always tighten NGK spark plugs to the engine manufacturer's tightening torque. If this information is not available, screw the NGK spark plug in finger tight and then retighten 1/2 a turn for plugs with a gasket and a 1/16 of a turn for conical and taper seat plugs without a gasket. This is applicable for 10mm, 12mm and 14mm spark plugs only. Almost all cars and light commercial vehicles use 14mm spark plugs. If the plug is too loose, it will not be able to dissipate sufficient heat from the combustion chamber into the cylinder head and will overheat. If the plug is too tight, it may break during the installation or during engine operation.

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